LUNOS ILD Transfer Fan

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  • Cascaded Ventilation
  • Airflow up to 40m3/h
  • Standalone or integrated control
  • Quiet Operation

Product Kit Includes

  • 1x ILD Transfer Fan Unit
  • 2x Internal White Plastic Grille
  • 2x Sound Insulation Stars

Standalone Controller Also Includes

  • 1x 30 W Power Supply for Controller
  • 1x Universal Controller and Rocker Switch

Please contact your local distributor for supply and install. If there are none in your area, LAROS can supply and work with an installer of your choice.

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation


  • Stripe
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Easy ventilation of adjoining rooms in combination with the existing ventilation control or via a separate control with the new ILD from LUNOS


The ILD is for ventilation of interior rooms via ventilation systems in adjacent rooms. If there is no external wall available in a living space, or to extend the ventilation from another room, then one or more ILDs can be used to create an air transfer with other rooms and thus establish a combined air volume for ventilation purposes.

The ILD is the ideal supplementary ventilator for cascaded ventilation in a living space. The term cascaded ventilation is used to describe the interconnection of living spaces that cannot be ventilated independently of each other. The directly ventilated room (with an installed ventilation system) is called primary room and the cascaded ventilated room (without a directly
installed ventilation system) is called secondary room. For example, bedrooms with e2-60s are the primary rooms and the adjacent dressing room or study is the secondary room. Air flows from the primary to the secondary room and so cannot come from bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or utility rooms to prevent odour transfer.


The ILD is installed in the internal wall between the primary and secondary room (similar to the installation of an e2-60) and connected to an existing or separately installed control system.

An existing control system (on which an e2-60 system is already operated) offers the connection advantage that the ILD in the secondary room delivers the same volume flows as the system in the primary room.

With separate controls, the volume flow rate and the direction of delivery in the secondary room can be controlled independently of the primary room, which means that the secondary room can be ventilated independently of other unit settings.

e2-60 Add-on – Integrated with a LUNOS e2-60 system, mirroring one unit from the system.

Standalone –  A standalone controller for more manual control or automatic humidity control of air transfer, or for use with LUNOS Nexxt Ventilation System, or other ventilation systems.


Technical Specifications



This product must be installed by a licensed electrician.


Please contact your local distributor for supply.

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 15 cm

Standalone Controller, e2-60 Add-on


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