LUNOS Nexxt Ventilation System

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Nexxt – The new variety in decentralised ventilation

  • Low energy consumption 5W at the lowest setting of 15m3/h 45W at the highest setting of 110m3/h
  • High heat recovery efficiency up to 96%
  • Whisper quiet operation: well below 20dB for settings of up to 30m3/h.
  • Clean air. Standard M5 filters (with the option to increase to M7 or M9) for bacteria filtration.
  • USB port for firmware updates, and addition of wireless sensors, motion detectors & switches.
  • Intelligent automatic sensing of humidity and temperature as standard (CO₂ sensor optional).
  • Input port for addition of external switching.
  • Adaptability for dual room operation (employing flat-duct accessories).
  • Designed for high-performance Passive House buildings (fully air-sealed & insulated).
  • Automatic or manual close-off damper.
  • Suitable for retrofits.

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Please contact your local distributor for supply.

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation

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LUNOS Nexxt Ventilation System

The Nexxt is a heat recovery unit which, due to its high volume flow, is ideally suited for use in large rooms and apartments, schools, offices, hotels, medical centers.

Special Features

Due to its very low power requirements, the Nexxt is very energy-efficient and enables low power consumption. The integrated control system ensures perfect interaction between the various components. Equipped with humidity-temperature sensors, the automatic control system ensures efficient ventilation with humidity protection even in the standard version.

The enthalpy heat exchanger achieves a heat recovery efficiency up to 96%. In addition, the mode of operation of the heat exchanger ensures largely ice-free operation and comfort in the interior even with cold outside air.

For the highest demands on hygiene: filters up to filter class F9 or epm1 80%.

Mounting Options

In-Wall Installation – Installed into the wall cavity, flush with the wall surface. Requires 280mm wall depth.

Surface Mount – Installed on the surface of the wall where in-wall installation isn’t available. Requires 110mm wall depth.

Technical Data

Come in and see it: LUNOS living welcomes you. –


This product must be installed by a licensed electrician.


Please contact your local distributor for supply and install. If there are none in your area, LAROS can supply and work with an installer of your choice.

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 50 cm
Mounting Options

In-Wall Installation, Surface Mount


Technical Data Sheet Installation Guide Controller Installation User Manual