LUNOS e2-60 Mono | Single Room Energy Recovery Ventilator

$1,350.00 (incl. GST)

  • Up to 96% heat recovery
  • Airflow of up to 60m3/h
  • Decentralised ventilation – easy installation for new or existing buildings
  • In built humidity sensor for moisture control
  • Quiet operation

Product Kit Includes

  • 1x e²-60 Fan Ceramic Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
  • 1x External White Plastic Grille
  • 1x Internal White Plastic Grille
  • 1x G3 Long Term Filter Set
  • 1x 30 W Power Supply for Controller
  • 1x Universal Controller and Rocker Switch

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VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation


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LUNOS e2-60 Mono Ventilation System | Single Room Energy Recovery Ventilator

The e2-60 mono ventilation system offers heat recovery of up to 96%, at whisper quiet operation. While this unit works best in pairs, the newest

generation of controllers allows for single unit use. Air flows through the ceramic core, transferring heat/cold energy to the incoming air. As the core heats up, or gets cooled down, the fan switches directions and the unit extracts air, recharging the core.

With an integrated humidity sensor, the system can automatically regulate moisture levels, reducing risks of mould and condensation, for a healthier building.

E2-60 Duo Ventilation System 

This unit is primarily designed to operate in pairs, servicing multiple rooms. For the best performance, please see our e2-60 duo system here.


Standard Rocker Switch – A basic rocker switch for manual operation, summer bypass and optional humidity sensing.

Technical Data


Come in and see it: LUNOS living welcomes you. –


This product must be installed by a licensed electrician.


Please contact your local distributor for supply.

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation



Standard Rocker Switch, Smart Comfort Controller


Technical Data Sheet Installation Guide

Standard Controller Operation Manual