Schöck Sconnex Type-M [Novomur] (750 mm x 115 mm x 113 mm)

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Schöck | Sconnex Type M N2 (750mm x 115mm x 113mm) Structural Thermo-Breaking Thermo-Blocks


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The product was previously sold under the name of Schöck Novomur.

The Schöck Sconnex Type M is a thermally-broken, load-bearing insulation element, which is used around the entire perimeter of the building’s foundational slab to ensure thermal disconnection between the building and the cold ground. Type M blocks are also suitable to support and thermally disconnect slab piles from the ground.

Schöck Sconnex Type M is the energy saving keystone for modern buildings. In comparison to concrete and blockwork, which has the thermal conductivity of approximately 1.0W/Km. the thermal conductivity of the Type M blocks is only 0.286W/Km (a reduction of 75-80%)

The thermal losses are therefore reduced to a minimum and the associated dangers of mould formation and structural moisture damage are eliminated. The element comes in a standard length of 750mm. The tongue-and-groove structure at the end of the blocks ensures good connections with no weak points in the line of thermal breaks. The units can be laid with normal or thin-bed mortar just like a course of standard bricks and so can fit into any build or slab structure.


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