Tescon EXTOSEAL Flashing Tape (200mm x 20m)

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Pro Clima | Tescon Extoseal Butyl Tape

Size W 200mm x L 20 m

Excellent UV resistance (180 days exposure)

Long-term durability

Self-sealing around nail and screw penetrations

Excellent adhesive strength

Weathertight & airtight component of your WRB


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  • Stripe
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TESCON EXTOSEAL® sill tape is a flexible flashing tape for use around framed joinery openings as part of flexible or rigid weather resistive barrier (WRB) systems. It provides optimum weather protection around penetration openings, under all conditions. TESCON EXTOSEAL® provides a wind tight and watertight adhesive seal to the substrate forming a weathertight sill to drain water safely to the outside.
Available in 150mm and 200mm width rolls, 20m long.

  • One piece stretchable sill tape
  • Self-sealing butyl tape
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Very high adhesion on cold surfaces
  • No need for Corner Moulds
  • Highly UV stabilised
  • Best performance saving cost and time



Technical Data Sheet     Safety Data Sheet

Product Warranty    Application Guide

Construction Details

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 15 cm

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