High-Performance Building Envelope Solutions
High-Performance Building Envelope Solutions

SANDEN Eco Plus 300L Large

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SANDEN CO2 Heat Pump Unit 300L TALL TANK
Tank: H 1891mm x D 580mm – Weight: 50KG

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The use of CO2 as zero-ozone-depletion refrigerant is revolutionizing the heat-pump industry worldwide. When applied at comparably high systems pressures, CO2 works in a thermodynamically super-critical mode without phase-change. This allows producing hot water at 65ºC (and beyond) without electrical back-up and at ambient temperatures of -10ºC.

When coupled with solar PV power and a 300-litre stainless steel hot water tank, SANDEN’s CO2 heat-pump system becomes the competitive all-solar-electric alternative for low-E and Passivhaus buildings. This system outperforms conventional solar thermal hot water systems, particularly during the winter half-year when performance matters most.


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