INTELLO Plus Internal Membrane Strip (300mm x 50m)

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Pro Clima | Intello Plus Connection Strip internal wall & ceiling membrane

Size W 300mm x L 50m
Coverage 15m2
Weight 1.8KG

Promotes superior drying capacity with Hydrosafe technology

Intelligent airtightness system for warm, dry, healthy buildings

Maximises the performance of thermal insulation

Highly diffusion-resistance in winter

Superior back-diffusion capacity in summer

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INTELLO® PLUS is a market leading intelligent air barrier for all construction types, providing superior energy and moisture control. INTELLO® PLUS maximises the performance of your thermal insulation, whilst restricting internal moisture entering the building envelope. INTELLO® PLUS is reinforced for strength and durability, utilising HydrosafeTM technology. This intelligent air barrier provides optimal protection against structural damage and mould, even in the event of unexpected moisture intrusion.

Intello Plus 2-2


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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm

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